Story and Philosophy

Make the machine do the work while you enjoy your job.

That is how we conceive our solutions. So much power in so little space, the modern technology in computing, storage, speed of data interchange, made our job a little more pleasant than it was almost just 20 years ago.

Thanks to the great power inherent the modern hardware, and of course thanks to our technology partners, combined with the small needs of our platforms, we can nowadays supply in a really economically perfect balance, mighty, reliable and super scalable products in the capable hands of our Clients.

While in the ’ we had to optimise the sources almost byte by byte to really get out till bits all the limited computing power of that age technology to let our products run in acceptable timings, nowadays we have the luxury of keeping the same developing process with the pleasure of enjoying all our backstage efforts expressing all their potential with minimal impact on the execution and computing timings, leaving to the User the“ experience ” of living an enjoyable work environment (at least application wise).

Proportion and Balance

Those are the keys for the success in Your Business.

It is not always true that big prices justify high quality, especially in nowadays markets: it does not matter the nature of goods, could be services or could be consumers kind, in comparable items, price is not anymore a measure of quality most often a measure of cost.

Solutions, could them be data-centers or workstations, AI or clink and point applications, must be proportional to the problems they are meant to solve, expressing the right balance to reveal themselves like an investment more than a cost, does not matter how shiny they could look.

By being Artisans in this technology world, we constantly try our best to transpose the pleasure of the handicraftsman in creating objects starting from poor materials, expressing his or her art, creativity and expertise, giving them that “Added Value” ending up creating Masterpieces which everyone could enjoy.

By engineering our inspirations, ideas, observations and even technologies, with that passion just described, we attempt everyday to find an always better balance in between usability, functionality, power, space and value, while we create and optimise our products on your industry needs.

To Provide not to sell

We guess you are wondering why not so many images or fancy solutions to show You our products, are we right?

The answer is simple: we do not want to sell you our products, or like someone would say “Buy You”, we provide taylormade and customised solutions upon your needs, base of which is the knowledge and know how we earned in all those years in many different industries by many different realities, Companies and all the Persons we met during this trip till today.

Since we are constantly looking for new experiences and challenges, WE are wondering: since you have been spending your time reading about us, if would like to be our next one.

Industries we touched

Confidentiality and agreements with our Clients prevents us by introducing you a proper portfolio, at least a canonical one. On the practical way, here are some examples of the industries we've met where our products satisfied our Clients, to quote many of their comments,“solving with futuristic platforms and concrete expertise” their industry wise problems.

Public Administration

Custom software platforms for various management aspects in different sectors and services.

Public Education

Customised software solution and networking infrastructures education and management wise.

Brokerage agencies

Networking infrastructures across different headquarters, custom made portfolio management platform.


Custom made commitments and production/maintenance processes, cross induct, management platform.

(heavy industry)

Resources, commitment and production, sale, post sale management platform.


Specialised technical publications editing,management and distribution platform.


Realisation, editing and management of various technical publications, like AIPC, AMM, SSM, WMD, MPD.


Various customised solutions dedicated shop and e-shop management platform, retail oriented, cross induct.


Various customised solutions shop and e-shop management platforms, distribution oriented, cross induct.


Various dedicated workstations, networking infrastructures, custom made digital documentation solutions, service management platforms for different professional figures: Accountants, Lawyers, Notaries and associations.


Dedicated customised proprietary solutions for a-standard communication protocols cross headquarters.


Energy consumption monitor, high efficency generator system

Industry 4.0

A whole new universe!

Coming soon

Coming soon

Privacy and such

In order to fulfill what provided by the latest EU regulation in matter of Privacy (GDPR), we are pleased to inform you that:

  • we do not collect your data if not after a registration / signin procedure during which you will be obliged to get informed about the data we are going to collect with your registration / submission
  • we do not use cookies or traking cookies or traking technologies for non logged in navigation among our platforms and websites
  • in case we had to collect or transmit your data cause provided by law, your data would be used according to the scopes that mentioned law provides, example: Fiscal regulation provides that to emit the bill we have to be in posses of your Company name or your Name and Surname, address or adresses, v.a.t. number or fiscal code and so on, in order to emit you a valid bill in case of business; the same law(s) provide(s) that we will have to communicate to our Government and Tax office your data as Customer and or Forner and so on.
  • we would not send you e-mails if not required by business process (send documents in attachment / bills / invoices / required informetion / similar)
  • we do not diffuse your data
  • we store your data in the safest way possible
  • non meaningfull data or data older than five years, except if differently established by the parties, by legal procedures or by law, are automatically deleted
  • All of the exposed points are valid for all our domains, structures and Companies.

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